I Got Mail - What a Wonderful Gift

    Don't you just love it when a package comes in the mail! Today I was so exicted when the mailman left this box that I almost forgot to take a picture to show you. It is big, and I could hardly wait to see inside. Ok, so there is the funny papers, I'll read those later.

    There's more paper and some gorgeous homes advertised. Maybe I can pick out my favorite house later, I just have to see what's here.

    Oh, just look at the gorgeous mirror and there's a card too. Got to read the card.
    It's a present from Nancy @ Loves to Create. What a sweet and thoughtful person Nancy is. She had this wonderful giveaway a while back and she gave away a lot of her mirror collection. I mentioned her on my blog and she sent me this fabulous mirror as a thank you. Can you believe that!!! There are the nicest people in blogland, and Nancy definitely is one of the nicest. If you havn't met her, you have really missed a treat. Such a loving, caring and extremely talented person. Check out her blog, you will be so happy you did.

    Just look how pretty it is. It has both silver and gold.

    Nancy thought I might want to paint or stain it, but I just love it the way it is. The frame is so pretty and I love all the wonderful detail.

    Nancy, I couldn't be happier. This is just beautiful, and such a thoughtful and loving gesture. I am really thrilled and so honored to have you as a loving blog friend. Thank you so much. I am redoing the guest bedroom soon, and I have the perfect place to put it. I will post the room when it is done. Again, thank you.!!!

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I Got Mail - What a Wonderful Gift

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