Met Monday - Reuse an Old Cupboard

    Today is Metamorphosis Monday hosted by Susan @ Between Naps On the Porch. Please be sure to visit her and find out who all the participants are. Everyone always has such wonderful things to show and you really don't want to miss any of them.

    Today I am showing the reuse of an old cupboard. I don't have a before picture, but I think you can get the drift. This is a cupboard that has been used in many places. Once on the patio to hold glasses, drinks and snacks for easy access by the pool. Then another time it was in the corner of a breakfast room holding a collection of some of the antique dishes and glasses that I've found. When we moved to this home I didn't think there was a spot for it so it's been in the garage, along with a few boxes that were not unpacked. Finally the garage is getting emptied and the little cupboard has found a new home. As always just click on any of the pictures to enlarge.

    Years ago I painted it dark green and then rubbed a stain glaze over it to give it some age. Since it's very narrow and not very deep it fits perfectly in the hall that is extra wide. I unpacked all the boxes and gathered up all the small antique tins and primitives and they fit perfectly.

    On the top I have some of the larger tins and my mother's crayola box. I love this piece, I also have her slate and primer that she used in grade school.

    On the top shelf I have a few of the antique tins and my grandmothers syrup pitcher with the tin lid and spout and her enamel teapot. Very cherished pieces, I can remember her using both.

    This shelf has my mother's syrup pitcher, food chopper and tin scoop. We use to have pancakes every Saturday morning, and she always used this syrup pitcher. Great memories. There's also more tins, a salt box and an old whiskey jug.

    On the bottom shelf I have my mother's slate, primer and a couple of other school books that she used plus another syrup pitcher and tin. The doorknob has it's own story. When my parents married they had a farm and I was born in their little farm house. It was quite old when they bought it. We moved away when I was small, but went back a few years later to see the place. The house had toppled over and no one was working the farm any longer. My mom was very sad, so my dad decided to preserve some of it for her. He took the doorknob off the front door and then a piece of the wood floor and the siding. When we got home he mounted the doorknob to a piece he cut out of the siding and then cut a piece of the floor and put it all together for her. She would always point to it and say "This was my first house." She had great memories on the farm and hated to see the old house gone. I look at it now and say "This is the house I was born in."

    I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my treasures. I really appreciate you stopping by and I look forward to your visits.

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Met Monday - Reuse an Old Cupboard

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