Target Birdies on Holiday - Visiting Friends

    Thanks to Susan @ Between Naps on the Porch for hosting this fun event. It seems all the Target Birdies have been showing up everywhere and now they have all decided to take a holiday. No telling where they've gone or what they're up to, so be sure to visit Susan and see where they've all gone.

    Abigale and Lester love to spend most of their time here by the soup tureen. They just always seem to be hungry, and from time to time they find the tureen filled with bird seed, so they stand watch so not to miss anything. However when I got up this morning they were no where to be found.

    They realized that they had neglected all their friends for far too long and decided today was the day to make the rounds and visit. So they set off for a day with friends. They first decided to visit Ann and Henry their dove friends. Looks like they are having quite a serious conversation. Ann and Henry are paying such close attention.

    Next they came across Lacy Bunny. She is such a sweet little lady and she was so thrilled to have their company. She told them all about Easter and all the wonderful children and how pretty all the eggs were decorated. They just had the nicest time.

    As they made the rounds they came upon Farmer Jim. Now he is such a friendly rooster and Abigale is such a wonderful story teller that it wasn't long before she had Farmer Jim with his head thrown back and just cock-a-doodle-doing so hard that he was about to pop. Even Lester is bent over with laughter. That Abigale.

    Then to there surprise they found Baby Pinky. My has he ever grown. Out playing amongst the flowers and exploring the world. It was really hard for Abigale to believe he had grown so much. Lester romped in the woods for a while with him, he loves to play with the young ones.

    While Lester was playing with Baby Pinky, Abigale came across her two favorite angels, Mary and Esther. She called for Lester to come hear all about their Easter Sunday and how they were there and saw the Lord. It was such a glorious story and Abigale listened so quietly while Lester bowed his head in reverence. This was such a special meeting and what an inspirational visit. They left on their way feeling so blessed.

    They were getting a little tired from all the flying and making so many stops to see friends, so they decided to have some tea and cookies. Abigale was so happy with all the friends they had seen that she could hardly eat, but Lester was hungry, so he just started and smiled at her as she talked about how good everyone looked and how great it was to see old friends.

    As they were on the way home they ran into Grandma and Grandpa Bunny. They were taking eggs to the market to sell and they had quite a load. Both of them had their bags full. Grandma and Grandpa were always some of their favorite people and Abigale and Lester were so happy to meet up with them.

    As they got near home, Abigale saw the beautiful tulips and asked Lester if they could spend the night here and just enjoy all the flowers. Lester is always so happy to please Abigale that of course he said yes, and they settled in for the night. Lester rested and Abigale talked about what a wonderful day it was and how they just had to do this more often. Lester just smiled and said "Yes, Dear."

    Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the tour with Abigale and Lester, they really enjoyed having you.

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Target Birdies on Holiday - Visiting Friends

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