Show and Tell Friday - Antique Clocks

    Thanks to Kelli @ There's No Place Like Home for hosting this fun Show and Tell Friday. Be sure to visit her blog to see all the fabulous things everyone is sharing today.

    I would like to share a very special collection to me. It's my antique clock collection. These are mostly from my mother's collection. When she passed away I was so fortunate to be able to have several of her clocks. They are all prized posessions. While I don't know a lot about them, how old they are or where they were made, they are still precious to me.

    These hang in my hallway right off the living room. The first one is one that is really special because my mom made it. She had the works out of an antique clock, but no case, so she made sort of a copy of another one she had and put the works inside. She loved woodworking and even had her own laithe. Very talented.

    This shows two "kitchen clocks". They were called that because they were really cheap and made out of scrap wood and the pattern was just pressed in. The 1904 Sears catalogue shows various styles of this clock for about $2.50. They were made to sit or hang. I love all the detail and they are all 7 day wind. The bottom one has a pendalum that hangs from the bottom. I have it stored so it doesn't get knocked off. These were seen in a lot of businesses and offices.

    This one also hangs in the hall and is a Regulator. They were often called school clocks, but used everywhere.

    This is a real school clock. When one of the schools was scheduled to be demolished in L.A. my uncle asked for this clock and they gave it to him. If you notice the white buttons at the bottom, these were used to ring the bell for classes to start and the day to end. They make different sounding rings. It really works as well as all the others, and my grandchildren love to hear the bells.

    This was often called a parlor clock. My mom used this one as an example to make the one I showed you in the above picture.

    Mantel clock that would grace the mantel in most homes of the day. I love how ornate this one is without being too over the top.

    I so appreciate having such cherished memories of my mom and dad and everytime I see these clocks it reminds me of them. They were wonderful parents. Thanks for stopping by, I always look forward to your visits.

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Show and Tell Friday - Antique Clocks

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