I Won - I Won - You Just Have to See

    When the mail came today, you can't believe how excited I got. It was a wonderful present from Luanne @ All in a Day's Work. She had this fabulous contest and she had questions that we were suppossed to answer to show how much we knew about her. It was so much fun. So I answered all the questions and found out I was wrong on some. Well so many had answered the same number that we had more questions to answer in a run off. Isn't that fun! So I put my thinking cap on and tackled all those questions. Well, you just won't believe it. I came in Second and she gave me a choice of several gorgeous pieces of jewelery she had made. I just couldn't decide between 2 of them, so I told her to surprise me. Well it came today, and here it is.

    When I opened the envelope look what was inside. Isn't this just gorgeous all by itself. Look at the pretty little envelope with the scrolly design on it and look how it fastens with the heart. I was very careful when I opened further.

    Oh my, the most beautiful pendant you have ever seen.

    It has the most fabulous colors, and a gorgeous silver eye to hang on a chain.

    Just look how the colors dance and change in the light. Isn't it stunning!

    Even the back of the pendant is perfection. What wonderful attention to detail, even on the back. Maybe I'll wear it that way sometimes.

    Of course I had to hurry and put it on a chain and take a picture. Luanne, I am so thrilled, it is so beautiful and the workmanship is just flawless. It means so much because you made it and because you're such a dear friend. I will cherish it and enjoy wearing it often. Thank you again, you really made my day.

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I Won - I Won - You Just Have to See

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