Let's Go Thrift Shopping

    I have been showing you for weeks all the wonderful thrifty things I have been finding at my favorite store. It's Goodwill. Some of you have even said I must have the best Goodwill in the country. Today I thought I would take you shopping there. I have two that I like to go to, but this one is the closest. I wasn't sure they would allow me to take pictures, and other shoppers were giving me the eagle eye and dodging around to not be filmed, so we are only going to look at a couple of the aisles. Just click on any picture to enlarge and see all the goodies.

    Stemware anyone. They have from plain to really fancy.

    They try hard to keep it merchandised well. I like that if they have several of the same glass they are always lined up together.

    How about some decorative plates and knick knacks.

    Silver anyone - They usually have a huge collection.

    How about some brass.

    Maybe some cut glass or crystal.

    More crystal.

    Lots of dishes. This is where I've found so many gorgeous things.

    More dishes.

    Still more dishes.

    How about some collectibles. Anyone for piggies?

    More collectibles.

    Still more knick knacks.

    One rack is always just seasonal. Lots of Christmas right now.

    More Christmas.

    Still more.

    And more.

    Cute little angels.

    How about Easter.

    Maybe you'd like some salt and peppers.

    This is what I bought today. It seems I always find something.

    A white charger plate. I already found one of these before, so now I have two. They are simple enough to mix with some other ones that I have. It is by Gibson, I don't know the pattern. It was $1.49. Had to have it.

    I found 6 of these pretty yellow salad plates. The back says Buttercup Federalist Ironstone - made in japan. They were .50 each. Maybe a yellow and white tablescape.

    Love this gorgeous yellow plate with the basket and fruit design on the edge. The back says Villeroy & Boch Germany - Piemont Estivo. I would love to have more of this pattern, but I looked it up on-line and found 1 more on Ebay for $69.00 and then Replacements had 1 for $89.00 so I don't think that fits my thrifty budget. I paid $1.99 for this one.

    I love this pretty blue plate and thought it would be pretty on the wall. The back says J. & G. Meakin Classic England - Park Lane Hand Engraving. I havn't found it on-line yet, but it was only $1.00 and I thought the detail was so lovely.

    This pretty blue and white plate has no marking at all on the back, but I love the stylized floral design in the center, and the edge is just exquisite with embossed flowers and birds.

    Well, that is a sample of one of my favorite Goodwill's. Wish you were all here to go shopping with me. I just know we would find all kinds of treasures. Part of this shopping trip was especially for you Debbie. I thought you'd have fun.

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Let's Go Thrift Shopping

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