A Little Bathroom Fluffing

    As I've said before, I have a very small builder basic home and remodeling is not on the agenda for right now, but a few small updates worked out great.

    A few months ago I painted the master bathroom the same color as the master bedroom. It is Valspar Filoli Antique Lace. It's a soft camel color. At that same time I changed out the light fixtures, polished the cabinets with some dark paste wax and added ant. bronze knobs.

    Our bathroom isn't large, but it does have a very nice shower and a wonderful soaking tub.

    The door to the left is a really quite spacious walk-in closet and the door you see in the mirror reflection goes to the potty room. ( yes, that's me in the reflection too. lol )

    Our previous home was built in the early 90's and all of the fixtures were gold, so all of my accessories were gold too. Well a can of Ant. Bronze Spray Paint took care of that. I also added a vase that I had with some grass and feathers. Not a very big counter, so this was ample decoration.

    A picture, some contrasting towels and another vase with grasses was about all this wall could accomodate, but it did add a little color.

    I've had this picture for years, but the really peaceful scene has always seemed relaxing to me.

    We always get wonderful sunlight through the big block glass window. I love having a bright bathroom.

    I really couldn't stand those chrome hollywood lights and talk about builder basic, I saw the same ones at Lowe's for $7.99 each. Our builder really didn't spend any money for those puppies. I found these at a lighting store on sale for $19.99 each. They were a really ugly kind of zebra or something spotted finish, but I liked the globes and the shape was nice, so out came the Ant. Bronze Spray Paint and now they look just fine.

    After organizing all of my faux flowers, it was so easy to find these grasses and feathers to spruce up the vase a little.

    Nothing fancy or elaborate, but a clean and very functional bathroom, and I like the new fluffing.

    Thanks so much for stopping by, I always appreciate your visits.

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A Little Bathroom Fluffing

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