Taming those Silk Flowers & A New Arrangement

    Everytime it is time for Tablescape Thurs. or to change a vignette, usually it involves a floral arrangement. This is the bucket that I keep all my "stuff" in and it was just a jumbled mess and I couldn't find anything. So I emptied it all out.

    Next on the agenda was to sort everything out by color and then rubber band them all together so I could keep it together.

    Regardless of the type of flower, I just grouped all the same colors together, that way if I want orange or white I can see what all I have.

    Feathers and grasses are great filler and accent items, so it's nice to have them all put together.

    Blues, Lime Greens and Browns.

    Small picks, different kinds of mosses and rafia all in bags so I can find them easily.

    Floral foam, large pine cones and nuts all in bags.

    Gourds, lemons, small pinecones and a large stash of greenery that I have cut off the big bunch all go into seperate bags.

    Now it all fits in the tote and I can easily find what I want.

    First to make is a centerpiece for my Tablescape Thurs. table. I want to use this wonderful rooster planter that I found last summer at GW. Fill it full and tight with floral foam.

    With the floral foam in place I can start adding a few leaves and pics around the edges.

    Next is a green berry candlering and then the candle. I've added a few feathers for fun and it is all done. So easy when you can find the things you need. Now I am all set to put together my tablescape.

    Thanks so much for stopping by, I really enjoy your visits. Be sure to check in for Tablescape Thurs. and see how this centerpiece turned out.

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Taming those Silk Flowers & A New Arrangement

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